Borders Cottage

As you may have already read about my desire to go to the United Kingdom for a visit one day or another. I have been to London and that’s the only part of that whole Kingdom I’ve been too and it is pretty sad. Well Scotland is another part of the UK which I would like to visit and I could make both of those dreams come true by going to a place called The Borders. It is just a little region between England and Scotland so it is kind of like visiting both places at the same time. If I ever get rich, I’ll probably buy a borders holiday cottage so I can settle there whenever I want.

A cottage is just like little house if you don’t know what it is. I always did want one and I was checking out some sites and the Borders has some beautiful locations and cottages. They are pretty and pretty big too. I would live there if I had already finished my school work and retired so that’s still a dream of mine.


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