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Photo Printers aren’t that old these days. They have come out to the general public just a few years ago. Before that the only way you can get it is to go to any store or pharmacy that offered you a printing package. Usually takes about an hour or two. But they can be very expensive. I have recently bought an HP PhotoSmart Printer from ebay and it works great. It has four memory card slot readers along with a little space for your inkjet cartridge, a slot for your photo paper, and a little tray for the photo’s to rest.

Ink is the most important part of your printer. Well without it you cannot print anything. Paper can be easily bought for cheap. Inkjets can cost a lot of money as I have found out the hard way by buying a separatate inkjet. But after all is done, everything was perfect and normal with excellent quality.

If you are thinking of buying a photo printer, I say buy the HP PhotoSmart printers, can be any model, or my second recommendation is a Lexmark printer. They photo paper in my opinion is much better.


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  1. lol i need a photo printer for myself someday

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