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As you know, SEO is Search Engine Optimization and this can determine your website’s SERPs or Search Engine Rank Positions on certain keywords. Doing your own website’s SEO came take up a lot of time and it is difficult at time especially when you want to do well for really competitive keywords. But there are many SEO Submission services on the net that can Submit your products to SEO Friendly sites and help improve your SEO. Some types of submissions I’d like to mention now are article submission, directory submission, and blog submission/.

Article submission services are bascially when they submit your articles with your link in it to different websites that take articles including blogs and article directories. These types of sites are very seo friendly and can help with your SERPs better than most other types. Directory submission is when the company submits to various directories with the same niche category. This can get you a few hundred to thousands of backlinks depending on which you buy. This will give you more backlinks and more reasons for search engines to list your site on the top 10 of certain keywords. And blog submissions are usually to blog only directories or ping services such as technorati. This can also include social bookmarking sites such as Digg or StumbleUpon. Stay tuned, I will list some more useful SEO info and where you can get these great services to help out with your SEO.


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