North Carolina

I have lived in New York half my life and the other half I was out of the country. Real estate or any other type of property here is very expensive. The different type of taxes here will make anyone go mad. The mortage is also killer in this area of the country. North Carolina however has some of the cheapest and best land available. The Wilmington NC real estate properties are cheap and affordable. CNN Money Magazine has listed that city as the number 7 city in the country to invest in.

Down south in areas of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, you can buy a huge one family or even a three family house for the less than a one family house in New York City. Even apartment rentals are expensive anywhere in New York. If you plan to move your family to a beatiful place and an affordable place, go to Wilmington, North Carolina as this one of the best places to settle in my opinion. It is a quiet and friendly place. As I grow older I do plan to go there and just check it out. Good luck!

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