The ZenPix blog has had this look for well over a year now and that isn’t exaggerating at all. So I was thinking if I should get a new skin and install all the plugins and all we have on the new skin. Probably to celebrate the life of ZenPix for being over a year old. If I do it here I’ll have to do it on as well since that’s over a month older than this blog.

I haven’t decided on if I will do it or not. This design is very simple and it works great so far. It is simple, it is clean, and it is easy to navigate through so unless I can find a skin that lets me do that easily, I doubt I’ll be changing themes. But to give it a new fresh look, I may look for some new wordpress theme this weekend since I am disabled from making my own on this new PC.

Are you an Armand Rousso fan? Well the newest Armand Rousso Philately Article has been published just last week on February 29th, 2008. It has been getting a lot of attention and many people love this article.

The full name of the article is “Philately Extends Life by Armand Rousso.” Here he speaks about collecting stamps as a young boy at about the age of 12 and many decades later, he still has the same feelings he did at the age of 12. Still collecting and still living. And in this article he explains why philately should live on and pass on to the rest of the world. Don’t miss this article, I’ve read it and it is pretty intriguing, I don’t want to ruin the whole fun for you by summarizing the whole thing here.

GF Servers is a compilation of game servers and teamspeak servers where the members of come by to play games such as counter-strike 1.6 and counter-strike source and speak on the TeamSpeak servers freely without a lot of restrictions. So far it has only been released in the Forum itself. Meaning you will not find the IP addresses for these servers anywhere but the forum itself.

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Meal Max is the newest and hottest attraction out there in the social networking world. It is very unique and it can be very useful. The site is – discover the delicious and get rewards. If you haven’t figured it out yet from that name, it is delicious. No the site is not edible so you cannot taste the website, not literally. This is the place where you can talk to other food lovers and food cookers and get the best recipes out there along with share your own. I mean it wouldn’t be fair if you did not pitch in once in a while to give advice of your own whether it is about dining outside, in restaurants, or even share your recipes and even your favorite food even if it is not made by you. Imagine getting a great suggestion or recommendation from someone on the site about a great restaurant around you. If you find it useful, I am very sure you would be thankful for the recommendation.

And if you submit restaurants and other posts you will be getting points on These points can then be redeemed for cash. I mean, it’s already great that you are getting great meal ideas about going outdoors or even cooking your own food at home from recommended or suggested recipes from the website by its users, but getting paid for doing all this too is just something you can’t complain about. They have a currency exchange of 100 points equaling $1 CDN. This is a new feature so don’t miss out. This is part of their new implemented revenue sharing program so you get paid for using the website and benefiting with knowledge of meals and of course, getting paid for it, what more can you ask for? Best way to have fun if you are a food lover.

Yesterday I ordered a new 19 inch monitor from Newegg and it arrived this morning. Can you say FAST SHIPPING! It was very fast and I am very satisfied with this shipment process and timing. And so far my new monitor looks great. It is an Acer Model.

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HomePagle allows its users to create their own homepages for free without any hassle. If you have ever wanted to have your own website, there is no better place that HomePagle. Unlike having to own a blog like ZenPix or a huge forum that requires a lot of knowledge about coding and computer language, all you have to know here is how to use a computer.

This is the best way to start off your webmaster career if you really do want to go into a field like this. It is a great field and it is extremely fun if you can do it the right way. And HomePagle makes it easy for you to make and host your own pre-made home page on their site. You can get feedback from your friends about your site and if they are all good, you will be on your way to feeling good. Well feeling great I should say. Good luck with your home page!

My desktop browser is having some problems for some unknown reason. I don’t think it is the way I built it but the way the browser Firefox is managing the stored files and information. And after a while it cannot load those files and it is annoying me.

This morning, Firefox once again made me unable to see some of my other websites. It is frustrating to wake up in the morning, turning on your computer, and you can’t view websites. It is only with Firefox so I may reinstall the whole browser soon. I would really hate to reinstall the whole operating system if this problem does not solve itself.

As the technological world advances, the size of our little gadgets get smaller and smaller and now there is the newest and hottest attraction of pocket scales. If you are in the business of selling things based on their weight, and you need a cheap scale, how about getting a cheap digital pocket scales from

At Scalesetc, you can find the cheapest and best quality pocket scales ever. Some weight in ounces, grams, and even carats, how many big scales do all three? Probably two at max. And best of all, it is pocket sized so you can assume it is very portable. Some are smaller than playing cards yet effective enough to weight the most delicate flowers. You can go to the site mentioned above for more information on the pocket scales.

This week alone, meaning yesterday and today, we at Gamers Forum banned 6 people in total for spamming. Thats an average of 3 a day. We haven’t had that high number of banned spammers since November 2006 and now this is worrying me, hopefully more spammers don’t come by trying to further deface Gamers Forum.

I am not stupid enough to keep their posts up. They cannot post links at all. They get an error message and are banned by a fellow staff member. We have a staff member online almost all the time, making it nearly impossible for spammers to get away. Hopefully we will not have to ban 3 more tomorrow, otherwise I may have to turn on user moderation on.

Would you like to win a $100 cash just for having a site that is popular and provides great content to your visitors? The Ranking contest by rankrz is the best place to go. They are having a little ranking contest where you can win based on the number of rankingmarks and number of visitors and if you have a site with good traffic, the visitor issue shouldn’t be a problem.

The contest ends at the end of March, so if you are looking to enter, make sure you do it fast because you don’t want to miss the opportunity to win that $100 grand prize straight into your paypal. You can go on their site by clicking the link in the previous paragraph and find out how you can win, I will try to enter one of my sites for the blog widgets category, hope I can set up in time. Good luck to all entries!