Drug addiction is something people shouldn’t be proud of. I’ve said it before that people can ruin their lives and that’s a huge reason why I never did and never plan to do any type of drugs. Getting addicted is considered a disease by most doctors these days. The only reason they can’t quit is because their body acts weird and rejects anything else coming in if they stop the drug. But there are places where they can get help with drug treatment and get help with addiction.

I do believe that some types of addiction are diseases that can be treated if treatment is seeked. Alcohol addiction is a disease and some scientists have proved with tests and evidence about the chemicals in the person’s body and how violent they act when they don’t get their dose of alcohol. But there is hope and treatment centers can help everyone in one way or another. If you know someone that needs help, be sure to help them out and talk to them in a way they will understand, do not reject them, it’ll just mess them up even more. Good luck!


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