From the bunk beds to the door frames, there are lots of different elements in a child’s room that you my overlook when trying to complete that new look. Let us spark your imagination with these simple ideas and suggestions to add a little life to that boring room and, in doing so, spark the imaginations of your children.

A child’s room doesn’t need the classy feel that a living room or a den should have. In fact, trying to be classy in a kid’s room is just silly. It can feel artificial and stodgy. Forget about the floor lamps and think about alternative lighting ideas. LED Christmas lights are a really cool accent that I have strung around many rooms and houses. There are lots of reasons to choose LED Christmas lights over other types of Christmas lights as well. Cheap Christmas lights are a source of fire hazards all through the holiday season but LED Christmas lights run very cool and don’t use any glass that can get broken or become a hazard for your kids and their friends. LED Christmas lights are also a great option for kids that still want to sleep with a night light but don’t want a night light. You know how fickle kids can be. This is a much cooler option that they don’t need to be embarrassed about when friends sleep over.

Think about getting a set of bunk beds that fits the theme that you have designed for the room. If you can’t find a perfect set then don’t be afraid to get something close and customize it. If you are designing the room to feel like a forest or jungle then start with a set of bunk beds that is made out of natural hardwood with a healthy grain and then break out the paints. Paint the top bunk with overlapping leaves and make the bunk beds into a stand of trees. This is just one idea but you get the point. If you are willing to get your hands a little dirty then you can come up with countless ideas.


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