Bookmarks are used in books to remind the reader where he or she left off last. Thanks to technological advances in our computers and its browsers, they allow you to bookmark sites. Bookmarking websites just helps you get back to that important site you just visited later on in the future. And those familiar with bookmarking websites should know that it takes time to bookmark websites on all your computers if you have multiple computers. You have to use all of them, type in the web address, and then bookmark. It can take up some time.

This Bookmark Base software allows you to save a ton of time. Instead of doing it in every computer, you can just synchronize all your bookmarks from all your browsers into the next. Think of how much time it will save. And you can keep on using this software for as many computers as you would like. Know that even though it will save little time, a lot of little time can add up at the end and equal a good amount of time saved.


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  1. i dont know if i can use that program but it seems pretty useful

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