Baby Gifts

Our neighbors on the floor above us just had a new born baby and as the great neighbors we are, we will definitely go out shopping for baby gifts. Usually babies that are new born likes things of pretty colors and shapes so that’s exactly what we will try to get them. Shaped and colored toys can help out a child develop his visual sense for recognizing later objects and colors. I have played with many types of toys like this when I was a child and believe it or not, I still have a few of my toys from when I was a kid.

Knowing what to give a baby as a gift just because or for his birthday can be the hard part. I have never been a good gift picker so I always go around asking and right now thanks to the internet, I don’t have to ask as many people for their opinion because I can directly check which is popular among babies and their parents to buy. Right now there are video games that are educational and that’s what I think I’ll get the baby living above us, I love video games and now it’s time to get him to love it too.


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