Web Host is essential and absolutly mandatory to have any website. Without web hosting, how do you plan others to visit your website and view your content and how do you expect to benefit anything. There are probably thousands of web hosts out there and Concentric Business Solutions is one of them that is a cheap shared hosting provider available to any webmaster. They do offer domain registration so that’s a plus for them. Not many hosts will give you domain registration.

Shared hosting just means that you share the same web IP address as any one else on that same server or connection set out by the web host. It can be just you that has an unique IP or it could be a hundred people that shares the same IP. That’s where the “shared” part in shared hosting comes from. They also offer private domain registration that protects your contact information for your domain. If you need a host, you can give them a try and I will be posting more about other web hosts out there so be sure to watch out for those.


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