People are always criticising how the Sony PlayStation 3 is so expensive and that no one can afford it. I happen to be one that thinks the PS3 is too expensive and prices need to be lowered not by $100 but $200 or more to compete with the Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii. The PS3 is the least sold console in the world today. The Nintendo Wii is the leading next generation console sold at over 10 million copies. Mostly thanks to Japan.

People don’t understand that Sony to charge the outrageous Price of $500 and $600 for their console. The technology they put into the system including the blu-ray function cost them so much that they should be pricing the PlayStation 3 at over $1,000 and not $600. But they are not dumb, and they know that they have to charge a certain amount to pay for the products and services. So stop criticising Sony about making the PS3 too expensive. They have no choise, unless they take out the blu-ray.


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