Everybody loves to play video games. Just recently the big sports franchises and organizations linked to sports have taken advantage of this popularity of video games and merged them together. Now you can find video games related to almost every type of sports. Some include Basketball, Baseball, Football, and Soccor.

The soccor game known as Universal Soccor Manager just came out with the second version of the game known as USM2 with better graphics and some updates on the game. Here you can manage your own soccor team. You can build up your tactics or plans where you plan on how you can get that goal of yours. Sports are all about strategy. This game can give you hands on experience on managing a soccor team. See if your strategies work in the game then take your experience into the real world and test it for yourself.

USM is a great soccer management game built in to get your adrenaline pumping and your brain thinking about your next move as well as your opponents. The only way to win sports games sometimes, is to know when your opponent will strike for the goal. Check out this game if you are into sports or even strategy type games.


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