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If you haven’t heard of Backgammon Masters yet, you missed out on this a little bit. In this site, you can play backgammon with other online players and you don’t even have to have any skills because you can read the backgammon tutorials also known as “how to play” on their site at It is as simple as that. And now for blackjack lovers, you can do the same with this game. You can play blackjack online with other players or just with the computer. The press release below will explain a bit more about this great new idea backgammon masters has implemented on to their website.

This is great way to get practice if you want to play backgammon or even blackjack with your friends or at a real casino. Of course at Gamers Forum, we have a little virtual casino where you play for points. And from Backgammon Masters, you may be able to get the blackjack skills and training and practice you need in order to take all the money the Gamers forum blackjack dealer has. There is no greater feeling than the feeling of Winning and unless you are extremely super duper lucky, you will need some practice on learning some of the tricks and methods to winning.

With one download players can access the BackgammonMasters Game Lobby in 14 different languages including French, German, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Danish, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and now Bulgarian. To switch from one language to any of the 14 languages offered, players simply log in to the All-in-One Game Lobby and click on the country flag representing their desired language.

BackgammonMasters multi-language game platform includes Poker, Backgammon, 21 Blackjack and Perudo. By making the software available in so many languages, BackgammonMasters has attracted one of the largest community base of players online at any particular time interacting via real-time chat and simultaneously participating in their popular online games. In addition, in the BackgammonMasters Cashier, customers can make transactions in their currency of choice including USD, GBP, Euros and CAD (Canadian Dollars). The cashier will automatically convert the transaction into USD at no extra charge, with the best exchange rate.

All levels of players can find a seat at any of the numerous BackgammonMasters game tables. With each language added, players find that they are surrounded by a truly multi-national pool of game enthusiasts looking for a table to join. The company announced that the next languages to be added soon are Dutch and Russian with more languages to be added in the future according to demand.

BackgammonMasters recently launched a LIVE Customer Support service where players can get assistance from a live operator at the click of a button. This feature was first launched with support available in English, and will later be manned with multi language operators.

Game playing and promotions info is available on the website in 14 different languages.
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