The Mist

Stephen King is one of the greatest authors of all time. His books scare you and give you nightmares and believe it or not, it has gotten him millions of fans all around the world. King’s books are made into movies very often and this is just another one. The Mist is a very scary book written by Stephen King himself. Although I haven’t read the book, I hope the movie will fill me in on that. The Mist by Stephen King is truly a great classic and by watching some of the trailers, it will do great at the box office without a doubt. This is also a movie I will try to see.

The Mist is in a small town where a big fog is taking over the city. Many people are stuck at a supermarket and people are starting to show their true sides. I have been stuck with people in my house when there was a big blackout in 2004 I believe in the whole North Eastern part of the United States. A friend of mine actually told me that he is afraid of heights and I never knew that. We were up on the 11th floor so yes you can assume that he was very scared. I really wasn’t too scared since it wasn’t my first blackout but it was a pretty weird experience to share secrets and thoughts with friends. Just brought us all closer together.

Again The Mist is coming to theaters on November 21st, if it isn’t a movie you will go to see, change your plans and go see it. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me there.


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