Sweeney Todd

Johnny Depp is a very talented actor doing great movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Secret Window which happens to be two of my favorite Johnny Depp movies. In Pirates of the Caribbean he played the part of a pirate of course. Trying to get rich off the sea and eventually he didn’t succeed the way he wanted to. He did a great job in the three Pirates movies in the past years and I definitely enjoyed them. In secret window, Johnny Depp is caught plagiarizing someone else’s book and making it his own. It is a type of thriller movie and I have enjoyed it a lot. And now he is making a new movie called Sweeney Todd where he plays a Demon Barber and you can visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site and check out the trailers and get some other info if you need.

Sweeney Todd seems to be a very well made movie and it comes out this Christmas. Perfect time for a great hit like this. You can visit Sweeney Todd on MySpace and add him as your friend. Don’t worry he won’t come after you; after all, it is only a movie and a very interesting one I should add. You can assume this movie goes on my “Must See” list and you should add it to your list as well.


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