The Series 7 Exam

Well if you are looking forward to a career in being a stock broker you probably know that you need to take the Series 7 exam to determine if you can be in that field and it can even determine when and where you can get a job. Taking a Series 7 practice examination can help you understand and give you preparation for the real thing. One thing I know that will always get you a good grade is practice and that’s usually what I do before taking any big exam, well I do it even if I am going to take a small class exam.

You can get your copy of the Series 7 exam at That site is for the Long Island Institute of Finance and they have a lot more information on this test along with other tests and series that you will have to take. Without passing the test, you may have to give up your dreams of becoming a stock broker and that could mean giving up a lot of money.


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