Series 6 Exam

The series 6 exam is usually tied in with a real estate test and a site called offers a software to help you pass the test your first time. This is a series of a few test for a few occupations a person has to take in order to get a license or a job at a selected position. Without the test, you can’t expect to go to far because some companies may see it as a like not having a high school diploma.

Compucram offers a free download trial for each of their softwares so you have nothing to worry about if at the end you feel this program can’t help you out. Their product costs $69 at the end if you believe you can put a good use to this software. If you are pursuing a career in real estate, you probably will need to take this test unless you become a real estate lawyer. But still do your research and see which direction you would like to go based on your career and if you need to take this test later on. Good luck!


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