Ford Scholars

Doing great in school can pay off at the end. Here in the United States, public school is free for most except for those that can afford private school tuition but when you get to college, you have to pay for everything yourself. Unless you go to a state or city university, your tuition will be an average of $25,000 and that is something not everyone can afford. But if you do well in school, you can get scholarships to pay for that and more. One program that got my attention is the Ford Blue Oval Scholars program. It is funded by the Ford Motor Company and it appeals to all with skills to design logos and websites. That’s one of the main reasons it has gotten my attention.

They are running a logo design contest for a new logo for the site. It already looks great but they believe some of you can do a better job at it and if you think you can, go for it because being seen as a Ford Scholar can be huge and it could even mean fame since Ford is a very famous Motor Company. On their site you can find the site guidelines, the two types of ford logo including the JPG and EPS versions and the rules. Then when you are ready just upload your images and you are good to go. They need two logos, one should be in color and the second in black and white. Good luck to all those that are looking to enter this and I will see if I can spice something up as well.


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