Submitting to Directories are an excellent way to get backlinks for your site as well as little traffic. The more directories you submit to the more backlinks you will get which can result in you getting a better PageRank for your site. There are thousands of directories out there. Some are free, some are paid, and some offer free or paid with reciprocal link, meaning you give them a link back on your site. Some believe that paid submissions are better than free ones, but that is totally upto you to decide. In my opinion its one in the same.

One example of a great web directory to submit to is LinkSlinky Directory. It has all three options. Several paid ones, a free one, and a reciprocal free link. All prices are affordable and if you cant afford it, you always have the free option. Submit your page today and get another backlink and expect it to help you with your pagerank.

Just go and look for directories to submit to today, it can only help you.


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  1. thanks for the link here, i will try to submit some of my sites later on, im good with anything free.

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