Dirmania is a free web directory that contains all the information you need. It is a great web directory and best of all, it is free. Unlike other directories that make you may for a listing every year or even Every Month, this is completely free. They do however have rules on what can be submitted and what can’t be submitted so make sure you follow the rules because you can’t really complain about their rules, I mean, after all they are free so what would you be complaining about in the first place?

You can find Dirmania at Dirmania.org. They are a great web directory whether you want to submit your site into their directory or if you are on the visiting end looking to get directed to the right direction so you can expand your business or even find great services listed here in the Dirmania Directory. And as a fellow webmaster, I will definitely try to get some of my websites in there hoping to get some good search engine optimization juice or even get a few traffic from there, works both ways. Again you can find Dirmania the free web directory at Dirmania.org. Good luck with your website!


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