Almost everyone with a computer has at least one printer. I actually have three, two for regular printing paper and one for photo printing. So having three printers make me use up a lot of ink and I have to buy new inkjet cartridges every few weeks. The longest I’ve gone without buying was probably 3 months and that was this past summer. Not many school work to do if you know what I mean. I have checked out a site named that sells toner cartridges and other ink supplies and they seem to be pretty good.

Inkers offers a 100% defect guarantee. Just for that I will probably try to get my next ink cartride from them. I have gotten an ink cartridge from Best Buy once and ink wouldn’t come out. At first I thought it was my printer. Then I went to a friends house with the exact same printer and same problem. I had to go back and return it and I don t know what caused that inkjet to stop working. And they also deliver. Another plus in my books. I don’t like going to the store as much to get the stuff and they can deliver in 2 to 3 days. I know where I am going to get my next inkjet. Do you?


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