The Challenge Dividend

The Challenge Dividend is a book being worked on and this book tells everyone about the drive of improvement in business, culture, government and individual people. Imagine how well off we’d be if the conditions in business, our growth of culture, our so called “government,” and and just the regular individual people around the world just improved in every way possible. It is a great way to look at the world because you never know what you will find because at every corner you will find things that can be improved on.

The politicians always promise to do this for us and do that for them but at the end they only do what is wanted by the lobbyists and the guys that helped their campaign with donations and even endorsing their campaign. You can go to the website about this new upcoming book at – It really has an interesting idea and I already know of a few people that will just love to get their hands on such a book like this. I will definitely tell them about the site before the book comes out so they can keep their eye on it. And of course, a challenge always helps all of us improve.


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