A Resume

Today almost all job openings require you to have a resume. There are many that don’t require it yes, I won’t argue with but this is for those that require a resume. What should you place on a resume? Well for starter, you can put your name, address, and a professional email address. Professional meaning, it should have either your first name, or both your first and last names because to the employer it is much easier to memorize than “SweetCheeks5323 (@) domain.com”

I have also learned that it is always better to keep your resume at one or two pages at max. If they want certificates of qualifications, bring those along and state in your resume what is including. If you give them a resume that is 15 pages long, they will get bored after the third page and they won’t know what you have done for experience. So try to make it short and just list everything you did without making huge sentences.

Good luck at the interview!


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