I haven’t been into YSM or Yahoo Search Marketing for about a year now. I have focused more towards Google Adwords since I’ve seen more results there. But now I have signed up for a YSM Account once again and put some money in it hoping that it’ll help us grow over the summer.

As time goes by I will definitely watch out for how well things go with YSM and if they are all good news, I will definitely keep going but if they turn out to be negative results or shows no changes then there is a high possibility that I’ll just let it go and go with something else. We’ll see how things go with Yahoo Search marketing.

The Annapolis, MD Roofing Contractor are professional roofers that can help you get any kind of roofing done. If you have a roof that is leaking or leaks when it rains then it is your responsibility to call a roofer to fix it for you if you can’t do it yourself. Why? If you can’t protect your family from little bit of water like that, how can they expect you to protect them from something bigger? Don’t disappoint them.

The Blair Construction contractors are professionals at what they do. So if you really want to go and give it a try by doing it yourself with zero experience, feel free to do so, but it may end up costing you much more that way than hiring a contractor such as the blair construction. And you may be wasting valuable time doing the same thing. So you really have to ask yourself which will save you time, trouble, and money which is the third thing you will save by having a professional do it. And last but not least, you will avoid all the mess during the process and of course when it rains again. You can go to BlairConstruction.com for more information on how you can get them to help you.

I haven’t shown off any of my graphics work on this blog for a while until now. I really haven’t even worked on any graphics lately due to timing and my lack of photoshop the past few months since I got a new computer. But below is my SOTW Entry for SOTW 20.

Feel free to critique, but it is my first work in a long time.

gf sotw

Are you allergic to any product of Nasal Spray so go for a perfect Nasal Spray called the Oasis Nasal Spray . The Oasis products are made from Dead Sea Salts not from saline, as saline can make some type of damage or injury to your nasal health. The nasal spray and wash will prevent you from any allergic reaction and keep you breath fresh without congestion and you will feel better all day and night long.

This is the first kind of dual action spray, will cleans your sinus and wash nasal perfectly without any kind of reaction. Try this product, you will love it because it works better than most other products that promise you the same thing.

April 10, 2008 — Oasis Nasal Spray and Wash is available for children and adults, providing a natural alternative to over-the-counter congestion medicine, prescription allergy medication, and allergy shots. Oasis products are made from Dead Sea salts, rather than the usual saline. Most commonly used, hypertonic saline is known to cause cilia damage in the nasal passages, which lowers your ability to fight off infection. Oasis helps in the maintenance and prevention of symptoms such as post-nasal drip, runny and stuffy nose, and sinus discomfort. Oasis has recently entered the consumer allergy fighting product line, providing consumers the benefit of relief without annoying side-affects. And unlike many over-the-counter and prescription nasal products, Oasis doesn’t cause dependency, so it’s safe for all ages.

Recently the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Wisconsin did a study with 52 patients having a history of sinus related problems and compared them to 24 matched control subjects. They found that, “The group using nasal irrigation exhibited improved quality of life, less frequent symptoms, and used antibiotics and nasal sprays less often. They were compliant with nasal irrigation, liked using it, and suffered few side effects.” This nasal washing has become a trend among all age groups, and Oasis is filling the need with their all natural nasal products.

Oasis nasal products are currently available in ten states across America; soon expanding even more. Oasis’ unique formula consisting of all-natural Dead Sea salts has become a household name in many homes across the country; its healing properties proving to reduce inflammation, causing healthier nasal passages and cavities. With an abundance of over-the-counter and prescription nasal sprays on the market, Oasis values the opportunity as the industry’s exclusive provider of natural nasal products, to help consumers find a safer, more reliable way to treating their allergy and sinus problems.

Get in on the trend by using the newest and most popular nasal products. Help restore your health with Oasis nasal spray and wash.

About Oasis
Oasis Nasal Spray & Nasal Wash – A New Approach to Healthy Nasal Care
Oasis Nasal Spray is formulated with purified Dead Sea salt. The Dead Sea is the world’s lowest and most saline lake. Its 30% salt composition has proportionately more calcium, magnesium, bromine, and potassium and less sodium, sulfate, and carbonate than any ocean.

The Dead Sea salt solution is safer and better than saline spray in the treatment for allergies and sinus disorders because of its anti-inflammatory effect.

For more information, go to: http://www.oasisnasalspray.com.
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I actually went through a few hundred comments just now and just deleted anything that looked like spam. Out of maybe 200 comments only 20 or so were approved because they looked legit or actually made sense.

This shows you that only about 10% of any blog’s comments are real and the other 90% is full of crap. I don’t get why people would waste hours just to get their blog comments rejected, very stupid if you ask me.

But I am glad to have finally gotten through the comment moderation.

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Today I have been registering for classes for my next term which is Fall of 2008. This time I have to take at least 6 full classes for a total of 18 credits.

Hopefully I can get some great classes with some great teachers, I will try to post about some of the courses I am taking along with what Ratemyprofessor.com says about my professors.

Amadeus Home Music School is out to help you and anyone else get quality education and knowledge about music and have lessons right at home. They are a national organization so they have teachers in every state. My Sister is trying to learn herself so I will definitely look into this.

You can go to DaverodyDrums.com for more information on how you can get the Amadeus Home Music school to help you increase your music schools right at home and it doesn’t matter where you live in the country, they are national.

Today I am going back to school after 2 and a half days of sickness. I am not doing some homework that I could not finish because I was in bed the past two days. And hopefully there won’t be much to catch up to when I get to class today.

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Dirmania is a free web directory that contains all the information you need. It is a great web directory and best of all, it is free. Unlike other directories that make you may for a listing every year or even Every Month, this is completely free. They do however have rules on what can be submitted and what can’t be submitted so make sure you follow the rules because you can’t really complain about their rules, I mean, after all they are free so what would you be complaining about in the first place?

You can find Dirmania at Dirmania.org. They are a great web directory whether you want to submit your site into their directory or if you are on the visiting end looking to get directed to the right direction so you can expand your business or even find great services listed here in the Dirmania Directory. And as a fellow webmaster, I will definitely try to get some of my websites in there hoping to get some good search engine optimization juice or even get a few traffic from there, works both ways. Again you can find Dirmania the free web directory at Dirmania.org. Good luck with your website!