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Can you guys believe that it is already September? I had a hard time believing it yesterday and today is the second day of the month already. This month has only 30 days which means it will end faster.

I started classes a few days ago and so far so good. But i still can’t believe that summer ended so quickly. At one point it felt as if summer wouldn’t end and in August, the month just flew by at a million miles an hour.

Well anyway, hope september is good for you guys!

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I have just over a week left until I start classes again and I have to say good bye to my summer vacation. Well I had over a 3 month summer vacation and it was not time wasted. I have gotten a lot done and I am proud of it.

This was also my first summer vacation after a year of college so I was very excited. Hopefully this year, my classes go well and I don’t have any problems of any kind.

I would like to wish you a happy August. We are about half way done with the first day of the month. And I feel that this month will feel shorter than every other month because In a mere 26 days I have to go back to class.

I am actually looking forward to starting class again but I actually think that summer went by quicker than I expected. Hopefully August will slow down.

I’ve been going and posting this on all my web sites so here it goes here on ZenPix. Last night, well early this morning, around 2:30 am, a car caught fire on the curb right next to my apartment building. A few minutes later the garbage on the sidewalk caught fire and eventually it spread to the apartment building somehow.

No one was hurt or injured because the firefighters came quickly and they put the flames out within a few minutes. My apartment was filled with thick black smoke but I am thankful that no one was hurt over this ordeal.

Today is the 4th of July meaning Independence for everyone here in the United States. Today is a day to celebrate the American Independence just over 200 years ago and I wish you all a Happy Independence Day!

I plan to go to Manhattan later on tonight to hang out and see if there are any fireworks there. Hope you guys have good plans. Have fun!