Later on tonight if you are a member of my Gamers Forum, you are in for a treat. As the title says, we will be adding a Casino to the forum very shortly. I have already installed it and it is ready. It hasn’t been officially released because I have to make sure all the settings are correct and the rest of the forum is ready for this little casino.

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Did you ever play
paintball ? I have for the first time just a few years ago when I was in Canada with my cousins. From my experience, I have to say that it is extremely fun and there is no feeling like it, maybe going into real war but then the danger will probably scare you out of your pants. But if you want a whole tippmann army for yourself and a few friends for a little paintball war, I can only recommend that you go to is probably the best store around for any forms of paint ball gear. They have guns such as Tippmann 98, the Tippmann A-5, and even the Spyder Pilot ACS. Imagine yourself at a paintball arena with your friends, and you have the entire Spyder MR1 Military Tactical Paintball Marker Gun Sniper Set, you can take out all your opponents in a flash from a distance. And then you can just keep on bragging.

Just a few hours ago, my Gamers Forum reached its 50,000th post since starting up in August of 2006. The forum has come far in its one and a half year life and we don’t look to stop here. Hopefully we can hit another 50,000 posts faster than this past 50k posts.

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Well as you may know about my Gaming Forum and its major success, it has gotten bigger and much better, especially today since I’ve updated and upgraded the forum and some functionalities of it. Well first the Game Review section is finally here. You will find reviews and information on new and old games. You can read the reviews by one of our Game Reviewers and get an opinion from someone that has played the game. You can save yourself money from buying a bad game or a game you wouldn’t like.

You can visit our new game reviews section at and see what information you can get out of that. Reviews will be submitted by game review staff and sometimes even regular forum members. If you want to be a game reviewer, just sign up on the forum and make an application, if it’s compelling, you will definitely be accepted. Good luck to all that will apply and wish me luck with my forum for the future.

If you already don’t know, I’ve been searching for some game servers for my gaming forum for the past few weeks. Well I’ve been searching for Counter Strike 1.6 game servers to be specific. Well I’ve been searching for Counter-Strike game servers and so far I’ve only found a few great offers but this one has caught my attention with their extremely low prices and you can find them at I’ve been looking for a 12 slot CS 1.6 server and I can pay them just $18 per month for the server. That is lower than most others I’ve seen that go into the $20s and $30s.

Along with a CS Game server, I may get some ventrilo servers along with it so the players, especially my forum staff, can get on and talk. I may also get up a clan so the vent servers will come in handy. DallasXtreme ventrilo server hosting is one of the cheapest vent server hosting I’ve seen. You can get a 10 slot server for less than $5 and if you are a big spender you can get a big 100 slot server for less than $30. Very cheap if you ask me. Well those are just two companies that just caught my attention.

Backgammon is a game that has been played for a long time. It is classic and it can be said as one of the best board games out there. People have played it for generations and if you are one of the few people that have never tried backgammon, maybe you should try it out soon. I have played it before but I can tell you, I am not the best player out there since I didn’t know the rules or any of the moves to know how to play the game. It was a pretty funny situation when I had a few friends trying to explain to me at the same time.

Backgammon masters is an online game center where you can play backgammon with other players out there. It comes in 12 different languages so there is a chance that if you check now, your language is on there and you can enjoy the game a bit more now. But the languages you can find include: Chinese, German, French, Japanese, English, Greek, Spanish and Danish. There are definitely more languages so you can check them at for more information. They also hold tournaments where you can win actual cash prizes if you win. How great is that? This is especially good if you are great backgammon player but you will have competition and the best thing to do is practice. If you will go on and play, I wish you good luck in game and in the tournaments.

Almost everyone in the world wishes they can own and manage their favorite sports team. Especially here in the United States. Video games come out all the time with a section of the game where you manage and own your own team with your own selection of players. To some it’s known as Fantasy Football to some. Please be aware that I am talking about American Football and not Soccor because I know people will get confused. But anyway, Mastermind Football is an online football strategy game out there to fill the need for managing and owning a football team for anyone. It is just a strategy game and it is not a video game so don’t expect anything like Madden. But startegy games are some of the most addictive games in the world.

I am a big football fan and this is something I may try out in a bit. And best of all, it is a free service for anyone. So all you have to do is sign up to see what I am talking about. I will try it out in a few days or so, you can expect a feedback about it later on. Internet troubles won’t let me play now sadly. I do have a few strategies I would like to put in from when I played at my high school’s football team years ago. Well if you are a football fan you may want to try this out and see how it fits you. You may just get addicted like many other football fans.

As you may already know about my Gaming Forum and its awesome Arcade, I have today upgraded the arcade to a bigger, faster, and a better software from v3arcade to ibproarcade. We will be hosting some of our first 8 man tournaments in a few days so if you are intersted come on up and join and start playing. The arcade url once again is

As for the forum news we have gotten about 22,000 posts and we have just hit the 500 member mark and we will never look back. Help us grow a bit further and hopefully join one of our arcade tournaments.

Please note that you need 10 posts before you can play any games in the arcade or enter any tournaments, this is to make sure you contribute to the forum rather than just join just to play games. Hope to see you there!

Well this message is for gaming companies out there that rent out Game servers for the game called Counter Strike. I am trying to get a 12 slot public server for my gaming forum in the North Western Region of the United States. I have been looking over some offers the past few months and couldn’t find anything good So I thought why not ask some of my readers here if they have any information about this or if they can offer me one.

If you have any offers feel free to comment on this post and leave a contact info of any type whether it’s an email address or an instant messenger screen name or leave a message on my forum. Link can be found on the right side bar. Or you can visit our IRC channel on the gamesurge network at #Gamers-Forum.

Thank you!

As you may know about my Great Gaming Forum, it has been growing bigger and stronger in more ways than one. The forum has now reached new milestones and have broken many records the past few days. As September ended, we have made a total of over 3,100 posts for that month, a new record. As for October goes, we have had an excellent first day with 11 new members in a 24 hour period, this has never been achieved before and we look to keep on going.

We have also hired three new staff members who have been contributing a great deal and as we grow bigger, we will be needing more staff so if anyone is interested, you know where to find the forum. You may also be aware of our Arcade that has been getting a great deal of attention and popularity among the members. We will be holding tournaments for the arcade soon so if you want to get good at the games, join up and start practicing because the current members set a high bar. So come on down to the forum and enjoy the forum.