No Guys don’t expect to see any pictures of naked girls here but this post is about the amazing natural shampoo called naked naturals. You can use this shampoo on your head and just watch and feel your hair get stronger than ever before. They have clinically proven this shampoo to make your hair and anyone else’s hair up to seven times stronger than it has been in the past. Imagine your hair being able to withstand immense pressure and still not breaking up or even showing any signs of tear.

This product has been proven to make your hair stronger as stated above. And of course it comes with a certain flavor. One that smells awesome is the citrus and keratin shampoo which gives your hair a form of citrus feeling and smell. It costs around $9 and below is the picture of what it looks like in person and at the store so you don’t confuse yourself and get something else. And best of all about this product is that it is completely natural so you don’t have to worry about artificial products and ingredients messing up your hair. You can go to for more information on their products.

And you can take some information from someone with first hand experience with this. I actually tried out the naked natural shampoo with the scent of Awapuhi and Lavender and I have to say that it smells great. It is soothing and relaxing and I have strong hair already, but after the use, my hair feels stronger. You may get the same results as well, it doesn’t hurt to try.

Citrus Shampoo

Steam Support has about a dozen or so staff taking care of about 15 million clients. Well they probably get maybe a few hundred support tickets a day and peaks at probably a thousand and it is all being taken care by about a dozen or so staff members.

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Sometimes the use of secure remote management is necessary in order to control computers at different physical locations and if you really need to control them from far away, remote management is the way to go.

UpLogix manufactures secure remote management solutions for companies and even individuals control computers remotely whether they are in the next room or in another country. I use a remote management system for my Linux server and it is great. I may give Uplogix a try and see how they do it and if you need a secure remote management system, look no further than uplogix.

I didn’t post this earlier because I had to wait until the transfer actually finished up and it finally has. The Domain has been renewed until March 2009 so you can bet we will be here for at least another year. And I will probably renew it more times when the time comes to expire again.

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I have seen many dogs in the streets wearing clothes and I find it funny but stylish. I know some girls out there find it cute and I’ll agree somewhat. But some dog t-shirt make them look awesome and great. I don’t have a dog but if I did, I’d probably buy the guy a hat and make him look cool any way possible.

If you have a dog and you want to buy your dog a t-shirt, don’t look any further because at, you can find the best clothing and apparels for any dog out there. Doesn’t matter size and doesn’t matter breed, just shop around and find the one that will fit your dog and find the one that will make your dog look cooler than any other dog.

Here is a picture of a funny t-shirt on their site:

Just a few hours ago, my Gamers Forum reached its 50,000th post since starting up in August of 2006. The forum has come far in its one and a half year life and we don’t look to stop here. Hopefully we can hit another 50,000 posts faster than this past 50k posts.

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Light in the Box is a China Wholesale store where you can visit online at You can find some awesome stuff on there online store which is multiple times cheaper than any local store can provide you. And right now my favorite thing on their site is that if you take their survey, you may be able to win a free Meizu MP3 Player. They have some of the best electronics out there and their accessories. They also provide things like the Vii which is like the Nintendo Wii but different, just a remake I guess. It looks just like the real Nintendo Wii and even the controllers and its standing stance looks the same. It is amazing to what they can do with technology and if you bring it home, you won’t even notice the difference. Again their site is at

The name says China Wholesale so you can assume two things about this. The company Light in the Box is located in China, that is without a doubt since it is in the name. And also the next thing to safely assume is that it is a whole sale company, meaning the more you buy the cheaper the products cost per item. Whole sale items give people the chance to buy large volumes of items at lower prices and even on the site they will tell you that you can save a lot. Some order combinations can help you save up to $90 United States Dollars, not the Chinese currency so you have nothing to worry about. And don’t let me confuse you with saying that they have the Vii because they have the Wii, PS3, Xbox, Nintendo DS, PSP, and many more consoles at their disposal. Again check their site at and see which you find interesting.

Today is the first day that it is really snowing outside hard enough to stick to the ground. Dozens of school have been closed along with my college which is really exciting news for me because I really didn’t feel like leaving the house in a wintry weather like there is today.

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The newest website social networking innovation is where it lets food lovers, mostly people that love to cook, come together and share their experience with others. You can find some great recipes posted by others and if you have a killer recipe yourself, you can post it as well.

This new Food Connect social networking site came out first to bring together food enthusiasts from all around the internet and put them all in the same place where they can discuss food, get recipes to make their own food, and basically get the chance to experiment with others’ recipes and see which work and which done. Social networking is a great idea and this is the first I’ve heard of something related to food so I am calling this a very unique idea and website. Check it out at launches as a new social networking site specifically targeted to food enthusiasts.

People always ask the question if it is good to take a daily or weekly back up of their site. My answer to them is that it really depends on the type of site you have. If you have a reliable host and it is a static HTML site that doesn’t get updated often, then it is probably best just to take a weekly backup.

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