People always ask the question if it is good to take a daily or weekly back up of their site. My answer to them is that it really depends on the type of site you have. If you have a reliable host and it is a static HTML site that doesn’t get updated often, then it is probably best just to take a weekly backup.

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If you have a blog where you give out free products and softwares and other peripherals to download, make sure the download links work. As mentioned just about a month ago about my first wordpress theme and It was released here on ZenPix, the link works. Well it didn’t for the first hour until I decided to test the download and thankfully I found the issue.

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The past week or so, Google’s search engine results has been acting very weird. Websites with around a 100 or so pages were showing billions of pages in results for that one domain and then on the other end, sites with thousands of pages were missing about half of their links. Google is probably spicing up something and hopefully it’s something nice.

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If you own a blog like I do you probably get a lot of spam comments with just people and internet robots trying to get a bunch of backlinks to their site. So what do you do then? You should always use a Captcha modification and add it to the blog. This way when robots try to post their link, they cannot do it in a normal way because robots cannot read what is in images.

Of course you have your good old spammer that’s a person. He or she goes around and posts manually. He or she just copies and pastes a certain message and then manually enters each captcha. That can get annoying and unfortunately, you cannot do much, unless you take away links being posted of course but that won’t get you comments at all. Just try to protect your blog from these horrible bots by putting a captcha modification on your blog, it comes in very handy.

People usually love arguing when they go around forums but here is a tip, argue only when it asks for it. Like if there is a debate, argue your opinion or beliefs. If an admin says that he has a rule, don’t argue with that because you will either get a warning, an infraction, banned, or get all of them at the same time. I just don’t get why some people try so hard to argue with admins and their rules when they know they can’t win.

If you want to argue with the admin, don’t argue about his rules and don’t say that they are completely wrong and unfair. Just make a suggestion to change it. Arguing will make him mad and he will take his anger out on your. Avoid getting banned and if you are a webmaster wanting to advertise your site on that forum, you can kiss that privelage good bye because you will get flamed. Good luck and stay safe!

For all of you that have been wondering when the PR update will be finished, well I am assuming that it was done Yesterday. All the PR finalized in all datacenters and it has stayed that way. For the past month, PRs of sites have been going up and down. I had a site go from PR4 to PR0 back to PR2 then PR1 and PR3 and a few more. It was pretty confusing and that was my whole October for you.

Unfortunately, google has lowered the PR of this blog to a PR2 from a PR3. Many sites have faced the same consequence and we are all looking forward to the next update. I am estimating the next one to be in late January and hopefully it won’t jump up and down like it did this month. I do have a few sites that went up in PR and I am happy for that. Hopefully they will only rise the next update. Good luck to all of you webmasters!

If you don’t already have one, you should get one. What Am I talking about? Well I am talking about the Google Webmasters tool that is available to all webmasters out there. Just sign up at of course. Google is simple to navigate through and their URLs explain it all. You can submit your site to be crawled by the GoogleBot and submit sitemaps to make it easier for the bot to visit some of your desired pages.

Google webmasters tool can provide you information about search queries people make and bring you traffic. They will list where you rank for which keyword and it is a very, very useful tool. I have used it to find out which keywords were working for me and I kept on building links with that. Just keep going with this and you will get thousands of visitors a month from google along. But you will have to know how to utilize its tools and the place to start, is to sign up with their webmasters tool.

There is a big mistake a lot of new webmasters make when they are backing up their websites. If you have a regular html or xhtml site without any CMS or Content Mangement Softwares that require a mySQL datbase along with it, you are good to go. All you have to do is download the website directory folder and that’s it. But if you have a forum or a site from Joomla or Mambo, you definitely have a mySQL database. You should always download the database at the time you download the directory backup. You should do both at the same time from losing any information.

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Years ago an webmaster email would consist of the word Webmaster followed by would replace the domain or url of the site. Believe it or not but there were many communities, especially webmaster communities, that allowed only registration with that type of email but it is kind of out dated today. But one site brought this back into my attention when I tried to register on it. I won’t mention the site name since you will find little or no use of it.

I do prefer to use a type of webmaster email but i prefer You will see most of my sites that the contact email is in that format. If you want to set something up like that, I would suggest do it either way but don’t make it so people that registers on your forum uses a certain format, then it would be annoying. Having a weird name like “” can throw off some people and make you look like a spammer. So be safe with your current members and look professional for your new and up coming members.

Well there are now dozens of websites out there that will guarantee you visitors for money or for credits. You do this buy visiting other people’s sites. These are usually done in another window frame which is pretty cheap. Now my advice to you is, DON’T go into programs like that. If you put your site in there, there is over an 80% chance that you can and probably will be banned from search engines such as google and yahoo.

Google will ban you because it causes fake impressions on their Google Adsense program. This rips off their adwords advertisers and can result in a huge waste of money. I am sure if you were in the shoes of the advertiser, you would be very, very angry. Yahoo would ban you because they have a similar program called Yahoo Publishers Network or YPN. Now take it from the advertisers perspective and don’t pay to get clicks on your website if it’s done in a window or a pop up, it is illegal in SEO and it will have consequences for you and your website.